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The lack of standard for plant extracts makes Chinese goods face awkward


What is the embarrassment of domestic products due to the lack of standard of plant extracts?

Nowadays, many people in China go abroad to buy foreign dietary supplements and biomedical drugs. The optimistic concept is “natural” and “plant extraction”. In fact, many foreign-made health care products use the plant extracts from China. Thailand's essential oils and some daily chemical products require our plant extracts, and India's food pigments have our plant extracts. However, most domestic consumers do not recognize domestic health care products because they are worried about quality, and choose to purchase their own natural health products from abroad. The planting industry believes that the strange phenomenon that “causes our country's own extracts to go through a large circle to enter China's market” is because China lacks uniform standards for plant extracts. "In particular, the recent Ginkgo biloba incident in China has reduced the status of our plant extracts in the international market." This is confirmed by data.

The export of ginkgo leaves is very good every year. It is precisely because of the huge demand in the market of ginkgo leaves that this year, the production process of illegal production of enterprises was exposed, and the problems of heavy metal content in ginkgo biloba extract were more prominent. In May of this year, the State Food and Drug Administration's flight inspection found the problem of ginkgo leaf extract, and then the export of ginkgo leaves was negatively affected. From May 19 to August 10, the State Food and Drug Administration has issued 12 rectification orders for the Ginkgo biloba incident, with the intention of strengthening the strict regulation of the production and quality of plant extracts. In the international market, the United States and other countries that have demand for ginkgo leaves have also raised the threshold for entry, demanding more demanding, and buyers' prices have caused China's plant extracts to not be sold.

Is there a problem with Ginkgo biloba extract only?

“In fact, events like Ginkgo biloba are involved in many domestic health food companies.” According to industry insiders, taking the current antioxidant health food as an example, many grape seed extracts have been used in the market. The products, raw material extract production process, raw material extraction, and proportioning principles all lack standard specifications, and quality is difficult to control. There are also health supplements that do not contain labeled plant extracts at all. After the Ginkgo biloba incident, the State Food and Drug Administration's flight inspection of the plant extracts will be normalized.


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