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Company history
  • Year 1993 - the first introduction

    In 1993, started to plant Marigold flower, which is the first planting of Marigold flower in China. started to complete the full production chain for producing of Natural Xanthophylls.

  • Year 1994 - Export to North America

    In 1994, exported the Xanthophylls extractum to North America.

  • Year 1996 - Established the first feed grade natural lutein powder production plant in China

    In 1996, the company began to build a feed-grade natural lutein production company and became the first manufacturer of feed-grade natural lutein powder in China.

  • Year 1997 - Promote natural lutein feed additives from the beginning in China

    In 1997, feed-grade natural lutein was officially introduced to the market, with 2% of Huangjingxiang, Jinlihuang and Hongjingxiang.

  • Year 1998 - Natural lutein feed additive was first officially exported to Europe and the United States

    In 1998, natural lutein powder - Huangjingxiang (2%), the products were officially exported to Europe and the United States, becoming the first domestic feed-grade natural lutein powder exported to Europe and the United States.

  • Year 1999 - Products received initial recognition from customers in the Chinese market

    In 1999, the products were initially recognized by customers in the Chinese market. Huang Jingxiang, Hongjingxiang and Jinlihuang became synonymous with domestic feed grade natural pigments.

  • Year 2003 - Introducing foreign advanced technology to research and develop new products

    In 2003, the company introduced foreign advanced technology to research and develop a new generation of patented acidifier products that can replace the functions of complex organic acids and antibiotics - acid times (glyceryl butyrate).

  • Year 2008 - Passed FAMI-QS Quality System Certification

    In 2008, it passed the EU Feed Additive Premix Quality System Certification (FAMI-QS). The products have been widely recognized by EU customers and have established cooperative relationships with internationally renowned feed companies such as DSM, PROVIM and CP GROUP.

  • Year 2013 - Established Shandong Zhiling Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    In 2013, the new factory that improved the production process and technical formula, Shandong Zhiling Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established, which realized the automation of the process, the continuous production of the product, saved the cost and improved the market competitiveness of the product.

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