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Enhance your ability to promote the export of plant extracts


The development of China's plant extract industry has reached a certain level, but the future development path is not smooth.

Facing four major "roadblocks"

First, there is a lack of regulation in industry development. Plant extract products are different from food, medicine, health food or food additives in the usual sense. They are currently not subject to China's “production license for industrial products” and “production license” for medicines and health products. Industry access and institutional constraints are relatively Lack of it has led to some low-priced, low-quality products entering the international market, which in turn triggered trade friction. Due to the variety of types and varieties, related products currently only have recommended foreign trade and economic industry standards, lack of relevant national standards and other mandatory technical regulations, and the export products of enterprises are mostly based on the quality clauses in the contract, while Europe, North America, etc. The main export market related product requirements are very strict, and Chinese enterprises lack the right to speak on product quality evaluation standards. According to statistics, since 2011, 10 batches of exported plant extracts have been returned in the city, and the reasons for returning are mostly product quality technical indicators such as moisture and effective content.

Second, resource protection cannot be delayed. At present, artificially cultivated plant raw materials are inferior to wild raw materials in terms of effective ingredient extraction and other indicators. The plant extract industry is increasingly consuming and speeding up the consumption of natural wild plant resources, while the artificial planting industry in China is late to start, small in scale, and planting techniques and The management is relatively extensive, resulting in a decline in the economic reserves of related plant resources. Affected by over-harvesting, the growth area and reserves of licorice, which was originally rich in resources, were reduced by 70% and 80% respectively. Many well-known medicinal plants such as yew in Yunnan and ephedra in Gansu were even endangered. The decreasing resources have led to soaring raw material prices, which in turn affects business operations. For example, a plant extract manufacturer reflects that the price of raw materials for Melaleuca extract has increased from RMB 50/kg in 2010 to RMB 270/kg in 2013. The domestic market has Form a bad situation of "priceless and no market".

Third, the quality of the company needs to be improved. China's plant extract industry has low concentration, low comprehensive quality of enterprises, and weak industrial competitiveness. The number of enterprises above designated size accounts for less than 3%. The limited profit margin and the “winning by price” have formed a vicious circle. The small size and low technology content make the price of my plant extract products generally lower than the international market (such as the export price of Ginkgo biloba extract is less than 1/2 of the international average price). Competition across the country has led to some shoddy companies shoddy, there are high-priced Ginkgo biloba extract mixed with low-quality rutin, pomegranate peel extract mixed with low-quality synthetic ellagic acid and other violations, which in turn affect the city's plant extract Export image of products.

Fourth, trade barriers are escalating. Since the implementation of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicine Registration Directive in 2004, developed countries and regions such as the European Union, Japan, South Korea and the United States have successively followed up the implementation of quantitative inspection of effective substances and heavy metal and pesticide residues. In the past two years, relevant certifications have been comprehensively strengthened. In the first six months of this year, the number of tbt notifications related to plant extracts released by wto was increased by 50% year-on-year. Some regulations have a profound impact on my plant extract industry. For example, the United Kingdom has banned the sale of unlicensed Chinese herbal medicines since April 30, 2014. So far, no Chinese herbal medicines have obtained official permission from the UK, and it is bound to affect the drug as a drug. Prospects for the export of plant extracts of raw materials.

The development of China's plant extract industry is not only to catch up fast, but also to demand better. To this end, it is recommended that relevant enterprises strengthen themselves, enhance their skills, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the plant extract industry.

What aspects need to be improved?

 The first is to enhance market competitiveness. Gradually get rid of the situation of producing primary products, increase the degree of deep processing, expand profit margins, extend the industrial chain, actively learn from the latest international regulations and technical standards, organize production, and improve the technical content and profit level of products.

Second, the raw materials must be double quality. Rational planning and utilization of natural plant resources, emphasis on the incremental cultivation of effective raw material plants, to achieve reasonable harvesting and breeding development and protection. Fully consider the impact of environmental pollution, and strictly monitor and test key quality indicators such as heavy metals and pesticide residues in raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

The third is to overcome difficulties and promote development. Research and track technical trade barriers in the target market, grasp the revision and revision of relevant technical regulations in real time, strictly control source pollution, and comprehensively improve the separation and purification of effective substances and the detection technology level of harmful substances.


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