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Angelica extract: treatment of hypertension


The number of hypertensive patients worldwide is over 600 million, and China accounts for 160 million. In recent years, the incidence of hypertension in adults in China has been on the rise, and gradually younger, urban white-collar workers have become high-risk groups. What is worrying is that people lack sufficient understanding of the harmfulness of hypertension, and there is a widespread “three lows” phenomenon with low awareness rate, low medication rate and low control rate.

According to the survey, 53% of people in urban and rural areas in China have measured blood pressure, but only 4% of people know their blood pressure level, only 5% of patients with hypertension adhere to medication, and 4% of cities with effective blood pressure control. Only 1%. This is a very scary number. We can say that the vast majority of hypertensive patients do not pay attention to it from the beginning of the disease, and finally lead to no medicine. What is the danger of high blood pressure?

It causes a sustained increase in arterial pressure, causing systemic arteriosclerosis, which affects the blood supply to tissues and organs, with various serious consequences. Data show that high blood pressure can cause various complications. Among the various complications, the damage to the heart, brain and kidney is the most serious, and the morbidity and mortality caused by it are increasing. Obesity, excessive taste, loss of control over tobacco and alcohol, etc. are the main culprit of high blood pressure.

In the face of high blood pressure, can we really not see the hope of healing? No. Because we have "Angelica extract."

Angelica extract is a theoretical innovation in the treatment of hypertension.

Professor Lu Guiyuan and other people in charge of this project have found that according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the organs involved in hypertensive lesions are liver, spleen and kidney. These organs are closely related to the "blood" of traditional Chinese medicine, so many hypertensive patients are "virtual". And "瘀" coexist.

Chinese medicine believes that the original cause of hypertension is due to imbalance of blood supply and demand. Based on clinical experience, the researchers first proposed new insights into the treatment of hypertension with “seeking blood”.

Angelica is the most commonly used medicine in Chinese medicine. Is it really so extractable?

There is a double-blind experiment that firmly supports this theory. The Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences has conducted a standardized double-blind randomized controlled trial of 400 patients with stage II hypertension. Studies have shown that the total effective rate of Angelica sinensis extract for hypertension is 74%, and the syndrome efficacy is 82%, which is similar or superior to the chemical drug nifedipine. More importantly, no significant adverse reactions were observed in hypertensive patients treated with Angelica.

This important discovery has greatly surprised researchers.

We know that people with high blood pressure are often accompanied by symptoms such as high blood fat and high blood viscosity. Angelica extract not only has significant blood pressure reduction, but also accelerates microcirculation, blood viscosity, diuresis, blood lipids and immunity, and exerts comprehensive conditioning effects. These results show that the characteristics of Chinese medicine and long-term efficacy and safety advantages will benefit a large number of patients with hypertension.

The study also found that Angelica extracts have antihypertensive effects by exciting M receptors, blocking calcium channels, and reducing renin-angiotensin activity, further demonstrating that the antihypertensive components are citrate, adenosine, and taurin. Acid and ferulic acid, etc.

After many studies, Angelica, a common drug that has been ignored, has finally proved its new value. In addition, the researchers also put forward a new viewpoint of "mechanism combined with pharmacodynamics to comprehensively explain the mechanism of action of traditional Chinese medicine", which provides a theoretical basis for fully demonstrating the advantages and potentials of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of hypertension, and proposes new ideas for the development of highly effective Chinese medicines, and strongly promotes The development of Chinese medicine industry.

Traditional Chinese medicine extracts are different from Western medicine's chemical synthetic drugs. Even if the efficacy of Angelica extract is clear, it is a great challenge to improve the extraction process. The researchers found that although there is a substance that significantly lowers blood pressure in Angelica extract, it also contains a boosting substance. Therefore, how to go to the pressure-boosting substance and retain the antihypertensive substance for medicinal treatment has become the most urgent problem in the extraction process.

 Researchers carried out the best quality, pretreatment, antihypertensive and step-up substances, step-up substance removal and extraction of medicinal substances, pharmacodynamics and toxicology, pharmacodynamics and content, pharmacokinetics and blood drug spectrum. Systematic research on the relevance of effects.

More than 20 years was an extremely long research process, but they finally found the boosting substance and established the removal method and corresponding parameters. In this way, the best process can be established by removing the pressure-boosting substance. At the same time, the composition and mechanism of action of antihypertensive substances were also clear. On this basis, the fingerprints of Angelica medicinal materials-intermediate-formulations were established, and the pharmacokinetics and serum composition spectrum-drug-effect relationship were clarified. Thus, the situation of the fight against the smoke of “Angelica VS Hypertension” for more than 20 years has become clear, and the extract of Angelica is already in an absolute advantage. Humans have taken a step further into the application of Angelica extract.


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