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Plant extracts


The plant extract is a plant-derived material, and according to the needs of the extracted final product, the physicochemical extraction and separation process is used to obtain and concentrate one or more active ingredients in the plant without changing the effective structure. And the product formed. Simply put, it is different from synthetic products, which are mainly physical changes of matter.

Plant extract is the main raw material of botanical drug preparation, and can be applied to industries such as nutritional supplements, health foods, cosmetics, etc. It is the core product in the market of natural medicine and health care products. As people learn more about development, it is more widely used.

Plant extracts and modern botanicals have cross-cutting concepts in their connotations, and they contain part of each other. Modern botanicals are largely based on plant extracts, which are the main raw material and component of modern botanicals; while some plant extracts are used directly as medicinal.

Plant extracts are substances extracted or processed from plants (all or part of a plant) using suitable solvents or methods. They can be used in the pharmaceutical, food, beauty and other industries. Under the influence of new medical models, functional or active plant extract products are favored. At present, the plant extract industry is developing faster and faster, surpassing the growth rate of the pharmaceutical market and becoming an independent emerging industry. With the rise of the plant extract market worldwide, China's plant extract industry will also become a new strategic pillar industry for national economic and social development.

Since April 1, 2005, the Ministry of Commerce has implemented six recommended foreign trade and economic industry standards. The six criteria are: "St. John's Wort Extract", "Angelica Extract", "Hawthorn Extract", "Red Trifolium Extract", "Herb Extract" and "Medicinal Plants and Preparations Foreign Trade Green Industry Standard". The Ministry of Commerce has implemented six recommended foreign trade and economic industry standards as a breakthrough, and selected a large amount of plant extracts to develop foreign trade standards.


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