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The preparation of plant extracts is imperative


What is the current status of plant extracts? On the one hand, as of last year, 2,255 companies in China exported their products to the outside world, causing mutual price reduction and disorder. According to data released by the State Food and Drug Administration, there are about 203 enterprises that use Ginkgo biloba extract to produce health food products, including 129 enterprises in production and 74 production stops. On the other hand, from the extraction of a single plant extract to the synthesis of ginseng, wolfberry, bitter gourd, and tartary buckwheat extract, plant extracts do not seem to be limited to the role of health care products.

What is the export situation of plant extracts? In the first half of this year, China's exports of extracted products reached 1.09 billion US dollars, an increase of 29.6%. It is far higher than the performance of China's pharmaceutical and health care products exports and Chinese patent medicine exports, respectively, only 140 million US dollars. At present, the application fields of plant extracts are expanding, and have been widely used as pharmaceutical raw materials, health functional foods, food additives, cosmetics, feed additives, plant-derived veterinary drugs, and plant-derived pesticides.

However, in the face of such a large production market and consumer market, the lack of standards is a real situation. According to industry insiders, the advantages and disadvantages of plant extract products cannot be distinguished. Many companies have to use GMP or cGMP certification to express their uniqueness through Jewish certification and halal certification. The industry needs to be suitable for plant extracts. Uniform standard certification. Today, the export of plant extracts has become commercialized, and the government does not actually need to do too much control. If we can use the guidance of the government and the efforts of the industry to let our country's plant extracts have a place in our own territory, we can supply our Chinese market. This industry is also quite profitable for us to create profits and employment opportunities. Situation.

By the end of this year, the use of medicinal plant extracts should be documented, and both production and use should be filed. This can also be regarded as the first year of the filing of Chinese herbal medicines. It is reported that the second batch of international commercial standards for plant extracts will be launched in October, covering the range of extracts to green tea, citrus fruit, green coffee beans, grape seeds, epimedium, white peony, rutin, fucoal Extracts such as polysaccharides, ganoderma lucidum and puerarin.

At the same time, this year's plant extract production process certification (GEP certification) began to test the water, China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce and the National Health Foundation (NSF) to establish a plant extract production process certification (GEP certification), drawing on the professionalism of NSF certification field To create a certification platform for the plant extract industry, the two sides jointly developed and mutually recognized the standard editor "Plant Extract Standard Monograph". This landmark cooperation will surely open a new journey for China's plant extracts to enter the international market.

In addition, the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce will jointly edit and publish the “Catalogue for Customs Classification of Plant Extracts” with the Customs Classification Center of the General Administration of Customs. The manual covers 265 export products of bulk plant extracts, which will become the export of local customs and plant extracts. The product code classification tool that is jointly recognized by the enterprise creates a fair competitive environment for export enterprises.


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