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Capsanthin: Going out of


What is capsanthin? Capsanthin extracted from pepper is a kind of carotenoid and is currently a popular pigment product. Capsanthin promotes blood circulation, helps vision protection, accelerates fat metabolism, and promotes energy consumption, thereby preventing body fat accumulation.

The export situation of capsanthin: Since the second half of 2011, the capsanthin industry has entered the stage of “discontinuation of production without the advantage of raw materials”. The industry profits are very thin, and the production enterprises are suppressed. Since 2012, it has been stepping into the "severe winter". Due to the classification of product tax numbers, many local customs authorities have imposed control investigations on relevant enterprises, causing some enterprises to stop production and stagnation. Under the continuous shadow suppression, in 2014, although the export of capsicum extract has improved, it has not completely reversed the trend. The annual export value was 85.34 million US dollars, down 14.2% year-on-year.

In 2014, the export market of capsicum extract was concentrated, and the top three export markets of India, Spain and Japan were as high as 69.62%. Among them, the export value to India was 36.32 million US dollars, accounting for 42.56%; the export to Spain was 14.516 million US dollars, accounting for 17.01%; the export to Japan was 8.754 million US dollars, accounting for 10.05%

For the pepper extract business enterprises, the good news is that under the unremitting efforts of the China Medical Insurance Chamber of Commerce, in coordination with the relevant departments of the General Administration of Customs, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Commerce, etc., the customs code of the pepper extract is zero. And the unfavorable situation of the additional fine was changed to the transitional stage of the industrial extract inspection of Chapter 13 plant extract extract. Recently, the State Administration of Taxation issued another announcement to classify pigment dye extracts as “3203001990”. No commodity inspection is required, and the tax rebate is directly 13%, which completely solves the problem of pepper extract export barriers. I believe that in the future, the pepper extract will be beautiful. Turning over.


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