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Development strategy

Shandong Zhiling Ten Year Strategic Planning

Zhiling 1.0

Production and sales of 0.8 billion in 2014-2017

Only natural pigments, aesthetics, rigorous craftsmanship and strong product quality, while integrating excellent planting resources to the back end, reducing transaction costs, and further stabilizing the quantity and quality of products from the source of supply.

Zhiling 2.0

Production and sales of 150 million from 2018 to 2020

From the existing products and customers in the two directions to superimpose potential energy, accumulate superior products, the goal is more products, sales, and profits only 1+1>1, with low-profit and high-quality products to help customers buy better.

Zhiling 3.0

2021-2023 production and sales of 300 million

The integrated operation of the industrial chain and the initiative to the front-end alliance brand feed enterprises can sacrifice long-term benefits to obtain long-term value and change the transaction structure. To create a one-to-one win-win symbiotic relationship, 1 +1> 2. Strengthen the competitiveness of both sides.

Zhiling 4.0

Production and sales of 80 million in 2024-2026

In the sale of building brands, brand additives consistent with the values, together with the construction of an extremely transparent end-to-end platform, the product price and quality inventory on the platform at a glance, so that all customers can buy with confidence.

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